18.09.2017 Seppo M

Hotelli sijaitsee pääkadun toisessa päässä ja näin on keskeisellä paikalla Pietaria. Hotellin aamiaishuone on iso, mutta ruuhka-aikoina kovin tukkoinen. Hisseille joutuu usein ruuhka-aikoina jonottamaan, koska niitä on vain neljä. Illallinen ja aamiainen on kohtuullisen hyviä. Pikän oleskelun haittapuoli on siinä, että ruokavalikoima ei vaihdu viikonkaan oleskelun aikana. Huoneet ovat siistejä. Vaikka oli kokolattiamatto ei aiheuttanut allergisia oireita. Lämmityskausi ei ollu vielä alkanut, siitä johtuen huone oli yöllä kylmä. Englannin kielen hallinta vastaanotossa ei kaikilta virkailijoilta hyvin onnistu.

18.09.2017 Davidy, Эдинбург, Великобритания

The hotel is huge, impersonal and full of big tour groups. We stayed for four nights as part of a small group tour. The room itself we had on the 8th floor was ok, large and quite comfortable. Our room was quiet, apart from a bit of noise from rain dripping onto nearby metal roofing. Wi-Fi worked well most of the time, but connecting was a pain involving visiting reception three times over four days. The hotel only has three lifts, which got very busy at peak times. Breakfast was in the biggest restaurant I've every seen. Not a pleasant experience with lots of people of many nationalities competing for tables, drinks and food. The food itself was bad. A small selection of hot food, cereal, bread, soggy cakes, tinned fruit (no fresh). After two days several people in my group went to the nearby McDonalds instead. Davidy, Эдинбург, Великобритания

14.09.2017 Paragon49, Лондон, Великобритания

The hotel is enormous and is on the edge of the city on top of the Metro so very convenient. The rooms were quite spacious and as was the bathroom. The place is a bit of a group machine, in one door and out of the other. Breakfast was held in an enormous area and the food was not very good. It could do with more lifts as it was a bit of a scrum to get in and out. A tad impersonal. There are one or two nice reasonable restaurants nearby and a supermarket next door.

22.08.2017 Roman K

Eine schöne begrüssung bei check in. Alles sehr sauber, gutes früschtück und gute lage bei der Fluss Neva. U-Bahn station gleich unten dem Hotel. Ich empfele es. 15 minuten zur Hermitage und 10 minuten in Stadmitte.

14.08.2017 Vladimir Zakharov (GB)

+ Professional service from the Hotel staff. I have requested a room with a view on to the river and they were happy to provide it. Good facilities all round, excellent view and very good price when combining with the offer from Overall 9/10 from myself and big thanks! Профессиональный сервис от работников отеля. Я попросил номер с видом на неву и мне его предоставили. Хороший ассортимент разных сервисов в/рядом с отелем и очень хорошая цена по предложению от быкинг точка ком. . 9 из 10 от меня вашему отелю, спасибо. - The only thing that really needs improving are the lifts. There are three or four spacious lifts however only one can be 'summoned' at the time. This causes queues in the lobby for people who are waiting for it and is a slight discomfort. I am however sure the hotel management are aware of this problem and will think of a way to improve this situation. Если превeредничать замечу один недостаток: в холле 3 или 4 больших лифта которыми нельзя пользоваться одновременно. То есть вызывается вниз только один лифт и пока он не уедет, ты не можешь вызвать еще один лифт, что является причиной очередей внизу.






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